As we continue to assist the community with chiropractic needs, we see that many people can benefit from an assortment of natural techniques that aid in healthier physical being. Below you will find the services that we offer in order to help you become and stay the best you!

In order to properly understand your body and in a functional manner, a consultation will allow our doctor and you to fully understand the dynamics of your body. Every body is different and we strive to understand each body in its unique way, allowing us to help you in the most effective manner.

Chiropractic Care

Thorough chiropractic adjustments are performed while utilizing a variety of  techniques. The doctors and D at R chiropractic have superior knowledge and experience at full spine adjusting as well as gentler instrument adjusting.

Full Spine - Diversified and Extremity Adjustments

Dr. Massa has years of training and experience while assisting thousands of patients over the past decade. These cases have ranging in aiding to enhancing patient health in a variety of ways such as pain relief in assorted areas, most commonly- neck pain, headaches, and more. Our doctors are also experts in extremity adjusting, shoulders, knees, etc.

Applied Kinesiology

Our chiropractic facility does not only assist with skeletal orientation of the human body. In fact, therapeutic techniques are used specifically for the muscular system in order to find imbalances. By identifying these imbalances and taking proper action, you can feel the physical benefits at a rapid pace.

The Webster Technique- Pregnancy Adjustments for Breech Babies

Roughly 5% of all pregnancies result in Breech scenarios. Among that 5% nearly 82% of those cases were resolved due to the Webster technique! We aim to create an easier and pleasant pregnancy while aiding to daily health activities during your term.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

At D and R chiropractic we have helped enhance lives from even the infant stages of life. The delicate chiropractic care of infants can help reduce infant risk and influence positive natural behaviors that may be lacking during the early stages of life. It’s never to early for chiropractic care!

Teen Chiropractic Care

With the active and energetic lifestyle of a teen, a visit to the chiropractor is always a positive additive to their frequent health procedures. With aging sometime comes growth issues that can be enhanced with chiropractic care.

Athletic Chiropractic Care

As an athlete you will endure more bodily stress and discomfort then the usual individual, but with the right chiropractor you’ll be able to endure the hardest times. Produce the best results by performing at your most optimal state!

At Home Health Enhancement Supplementation

By frequently seeing your chiropractor you are staying one step ahead of possible health issues, but what are you doing while you aren’t in the office? Live life in its most optimal form by learning more about our out of office supplements that keep you reaching for the stars!

Activator: Low Force Adjusting Technique

Depending on your chiropractic needs, we can help make your experience as pleasant as possible with our low force techniques. Every body is different and we’re able to adapt to any type of need!

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