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New Patient

Welcome to our chiropractic center, where you will begin your voyage on feeling better and being better. As you first arrive to our facility we place our entire focus on you, learning more about what you are dealing with, the frequency of these issues, how they may be resolved and more. Our focus is to have your health at an optimal level, all of the time.

Different Phases

A high majority of the time, when a new patient arrives, they are dealing with some sort of issue which led them to seek a chiropractor in the first place. This leads us into our process which you can observe below.


If you are in pain, the first objective is to understand the fundamental in what you are feeling and how you’re coping with them. We then do what is necessary to getting your health back to normal. In a variety of cases this leads to a few weeks or months of frequent visits.


During this phase we typically aim to give more relaxation time in between visits which are recommended at the point of the visit depend on your overall health.


Wellness care becomes a consistent form of preventive care management, allowing your body to maintain proper health through out day to day activities.

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